Coombe Valley Nursery, Callington 

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•We recognise the need from birth to learn and develop through caring and sensitive interactions and we build loving, caring relationships with the children and parents.

•It combines a sense of spaciousness with intimacy, allowing free movement for mobile babies and quieter areas for babies not yet able to move by themselves.

•There is plenty of time for cuddles, singing and stories in a cosy room.

•The room has a dedicated black and white area which, along with red, are very stimulating colours for babies.

•Babies like to watch movement, so hanging displays are visible in this room, as are twinkling lights and a bubble tube.

•An environment which is physically safe but intellectually challenging, promoting curiosity, enquiry and sensory stimulation.

•There are various play areas such as sensory treasure baskets, role play, building and balancing bricks, sand/water/messy play, reading and cosy areas and time spent outside in the garden.

•There are carefully chosen, age appropriate toys that are tactile and stimulating to encourage the babies to develop their senses. Many are everyday items that can be shaken, banged, squeezed or rubbed. Staff maintain safety and cleanliness as well as adding new objects to keep the babies’ interest.

•There are areas to allow children to crawl around obstacles as well as furniture to help children pull themselves up and start to walk.

•We follow the needs of the babies to a parent’s requirements to ensure a consistency in routine – when they eat, sleep and play.

•You are invited to bring own food, milk, bottles for babies under 12 months old and staff make to your instructions.

•We provide daily diary sheets to keep you informed of your baby’s day.

•We observe the children and monitor their progress.

•We work within the EYFS framework which values and celebrates children and babies. It recognises their individuality, efforts and achievements.

•Cots with firm mattresses are in the room so that the staff are never far away from the children but they have the privacy of a curtain to support their sleep/rest times.

•The changing area is available in the room, allowing and ensuring the staff are always present to support the babies.

•Children can spend a great number of hours in nursery and it is vital that the atmosphere in our setting is homelike…we want children to associate it with happy memories and emotions.

•The key element to this is a welcoming feel and a caring, nurturing relationship between children and adults, so everyone is called by their first name.

•The room is flooded with natural light and there are displays of the children’s work, and mobile displays to create interest and talk.

•The impact the environment has on children is incredibly important at Coombe Valley; in enables children to access their learning and supports the development of their well-being.

•Children have independent access to resources to support their play, allowing them to learn through their discoveries and get excited. Activities are set up in areas to encourage the children to take part, but too many resources can be overwhelming and can cause the children to flit from one activity to another…less is more!

•In this environment, they are motivated and eager to push the boundaries of their knowledge.

•Lots of children’s play is symbolic so there are areas in the yellow room to allow them to develop their imagination and story building skills, such as, the small world toys, role play are or building blocks.

•There is a large carpet space where children can join in with group activities and quieter areas where children can work on ideas by themselves or in small groups, such as the reading area or mark making area.

•There is a creative area to build children’s self-confidence and self-esteem with messy activities, such as the sand and water trays or painting and collaging.

•Areas are defined by strong and stable furniture with room to store equipment carefully. The resources are labelled with picture and words to encourage association and to encourage god tidying up skills!

•We are very flexible with the room, if something isn’t working, or simply to revive the children’s interest, we change it.

•The children are able to work at different heights to suit their needs, for example, on tables, floor or tuff trays. This is particularly important for physical development as well as building their enthusiasm and curiosity.

•There is a changing area for toddlers in the bathroom and height appropriate toilets for the older children.

•There is water available all day and children have access to snack during the morning session and afternoon session.

•Some toddlers still require a sleep in the afternoon and we provide beds in a quiet area for the children. These are not always necessary, dependent on need. Children often find they outgrow a nap at nursery because there are far more exciting things to do than sleep!

•We have a large outdoor area which all the children have access to.

•There are grassy areas and hard areas to enable the children to use a variety of resources and develop different skills.

•The outdoor area is a great place to learn through a physical way on a larger scale then inside. Children can use their bodies and all senses to develop their learning.

•Children need to have freedom to explore outdoors fully, taking risks, gaining confidence, climbing, running, learning their own limitations and expressing themselves.

•Adult engagement outside happens with sensitive adult interaction to support the children’s learning and sometimes, adult led activities are planned for outside to develop specific skills, for example, jumping with two feet, or throwing accurately.

•Large climbing equipment enables children to develop gross motor skills and body strength.

•Obstacles to ride and run around, over and through create spatial awareness.

•Our mud kitchen supports role play and mathematical concepts such as measuring and counting, as well as promoting well-being.

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